JDH JUHANI MANSo 312/5 #1030940 ET

This Herd Sire was personally selected for me by my friend, JohnColeman Locke, co-owner of the Locke Division of J.D. Hudgins ranch, premier World-Renowned Brahman Ranch. He is moderate framed, dog gentle, very well balanced, heavily muscled, not overly fat, guaranteed fertile, strong heart girth, not pinched behind the hump. Basically, a BEEF bull. I have developed a small herd of Elite Brahman Cows and I needed an Elite bull to breed to them. We don’t breed show heifers over here, we breed herd bulls. I generally keep all my heifers. I can’t afford to buy the quality of heifers I produce. So I breed them. I have always bought the best bulls I can afford. We look forward to great things from this guy.