About the Ranch


more than 60 year’s of experience

McKenney Farms has been in The Registered cattle business since the mid 1950’s. We were originally Registered Angus Breeders until the 1970’s when Dr. McKenney branched off into the Registered Brahman business. We specialized in Elite Class Brahmans until about 2015 at which time Broken Triangle Ranch bought all but 2 head of the MK Brahman herd. During those years, Doc was a well-known Brahman Breeder who produced many National and International Champion animals. He served as President of the American Brahman Breeders Association for 2 years and was in charge of the last World Brahman Congress held in the USA. He also served as Vice President of FICEBU, an international Brahman type cattle organization, based in Brazil. We currently maintain a small herd of Elite Brahman cows.

After analyzing the current American beef industry and its needs, we felt that the National Beef Herd needed an infusion of high-quality Hereford blood. They (the National Herd) were mostly Angus-based cows and weaning and yearling weights were slowly dropping on feeder cattle. The infusion of Hereford blood would give us a black baldy steer that would qualify for Certified Angus or Certified Hereford beef and the addition of Hereford Blood has been shown to increase weaning weights of calves by 35-50 pounds over straight Angus calves. These offspring would still reach choice grade beef at the desired 1200-1400 pound range preferred by the feedlots and meatpackers. The produced Black Baldy heifers are always in high demand by commercial breeders. We decided to invest in Line One Hereford genetics only, as we felt they produced the most predictable results in the Hereford Breed. These are cattle that have been line bred since around 1930 in Montana, with an emphasis on performance under range conditions. No new blood has been introduced since that time. They have a very predictable result in the performance of your calf crop and have been used around the world in Hereford herds to improve the breed of cattle and the quality of the beef produced.

Our original cows came from Schroer Herefords in Nebraska, and we have bred nothing but Cooper and Holden blooded bulls since that time. These ranches may be the premier Line One breeder in America at this time. We only sell cattle that we have produced and have had a class A herd health program for many years. We were previously certified TB and Brucellosis free when this was an issue in Texas. All cattle produced are vaccinated at 1 month, 3 months, and again at 6 months with 9-way, Virashield +++, Pink Eye, Pulmo-Guard, and wormed twice a year by rotating wormers. Breeding cattle are vaccinated with the TrichGuard vaccine additionally. This fall we are using Ivomec F to catch any liver fluke issues. We generally have bulls, heifers, and F1 cattle for sale. Feel free to call and ask. We can produce Black Hereford Bulls on request. We should have some black baldy heifers available by next year. We have Brahman and Gyr semen available for Registered and Commercial Cattle. We also have Angus semen for commercial cattle. The Angus semen is from an Elite Gardner Bull I owned a few years ago. We are generally always available to chat with or offer advice regarding any cattle breeding or handling issues you might have. I am currently 79 years of age and have a lifetime of cattle management experience to draw upon. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I can tell you who to consult.