based in terrell, texas

At McKenney Farms, producing high-quality Hereford, Brahman, and Commercial Beef Bulls is our Primary goal. We offer volume discounts on available bulls. We generally sell these bulls at 12-24 months of age. We also have available, at times, the following classes of cattle:

  • We currently have Fall 2020 and very early Spring 2021 bulls available to choose from. Photos will be available soon. One Red Brahman Bull and eight Hereford Bulls.
  • Show Heifers (scramble certificates accepted).
  • American Cross Steers And Heifers (scramble certificates accepted).
  • Black Baldy Heifers
  • Hereford/Brahman F1’s
  • Angus/Brahman F1’s
  • Butcher Steers
  • Commercial Hereford Heifers

Quoted prices on select animals are subject to change, without notice, unless the buyer agrees to the final price at the time of discussion. The reason for this is due to market factors and feed costs that I cannot control. I will expect a deposit if he cannot pick up the animal on the day of purchase. If I need to hold an animal for more than a few weeks, I will expect to collect a daily feed fee. I will generally hold on my asking price for a reasonable time period to accommodate the buyer. If I have a non-registered bull available, I can generally make you a better deal on him. He will generally be of exceptional quality or he would have been a steer. If selecting a show heifer, nursing its mother, the quoted price is at weaning. I will expect the calves to be picked up soon after weaning (a few weeks).

Bull Semen for Sale:

  • Brahman Semen: we have a large volume of semen available on Elite Bulls (Red and Gray).
  • Gyr semen: We have a large volume of semen available on this breed of Zebu Cattle.
  • Angus semen: We have several hundred straws of Elite Angus semen available on a Gardner bull I owned in the ’90s. We also have some small amounts on Elite bulls my father used in the ’70s and ’80s.
  • Hereford semen: none available at this time.


Volume and Commercial discounts available.

Pictures and details on individual cattle for sale will be updated as they become available and I have time to photograph them and the weather cooperates. I can obtain photos quickly upon individual request.

*Cost for semen for commercial use is less expensive, but no certificates will be made available.