MK Bulls

HH ADVANCE 7337E #43857296

This young bull has been filling the role of our Heifer Bull the past several years. Bought from Holden Herefords by private treaty, he is an own son of the 4150B bull bred by Cooper Herefords and used heavily in the Holden Herd. He has done an outstanding job for us the past several years. He has a BW EPD of 0.6 and has yet to produce a calf that needed to be pulled. His sons have been of excellent quality and half of our sale bulls this year were sired by him. Pictured in his working clothes. We breed cows the old-fashioned way, for the most part, and the only fat bulls on the ranch are the sale bulls. We do AI some of our best cows every year using outside bulls to try and produce our own herd sires.